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ICO GOeureka - The New Urban Hotel Booking Platform For Simplified Booking Procedure

The New Urban Hotel Booking Platform For Simplified Booking Procedure

According to the report "International Hotel Industry" (2009), Mintel, UNWTO data, estimated that in 2008 the number of rooms in similar hotel and company was 20,1 million and had grown at an estimated rate of 2,2% from the previous five years. The advent of the internet has pushed the boundaries of innovation and the whole world has become one "Global Village" with all facilities available in one click on your device. The travel industry which was previously dominated by people such as brokers / agents has been taken over by online website which now provide the same facilities easily and at much cheaper rates.

Online Travel Agents (OTA) has continue to dominate online bookings. In the 2017 report published by "Eye for Travel and Jumpshot" analyzed the pattern of consumer purchase for 2 months in a number of OTA domains, hotel and airline, and came to the conclusion that the majority of the UK market (73%), and almost half the US market ( 42%) dominated by Online Travel Agents. The race for market share in the online ordering industry has heated up and there is fierce competition between OTA, traditional agents and new economic sharing.

Currently the next innovation in the field of bookings is being developed, where company are trying to develop an integration of booking services with the blockchain. GOeureka is one such company which is trying to build a platform that will integrate blockchain into its booking platform and give users the power to decide on aspect that were till now controlled by online agency.

This project want to combine tourism with the blockchain. The network that will be installed on the Ethereum network wants to be very important for travelers. If you like traveling around the world and are interested, you should read this review carefully. Come for you, pleasant reading. It doesn't take long for me to explain GOeureka features, and you have to read it carefully so you never miss a word. Because this is very useful for nature lovers and for those who like to travel.

GOeureka is an online ordering platform that utilizes blockchain technology to address current problems in the travel industry such as the high commission structure imposed by Online Travel Agents (OTA) and fragmented loyalty programs in the hotel industry. The GOeureka team thought they might have found something that would give the hotel an edge over the agency. To do this, they decided to add an existing loyalty program with blockchain technology.

GOeureka has a plan to create an online ecosystem where businesses can develop by offering the best service to tourists. As a technology partner for the hotel industry, GOeureka will offer a simple and direct application and web experience to users without high commissions on most sites. By freeing resources for hotels, GOeureka will enable them to offer better value and customer service with their resources. Even though GOeureka did not introduce any breakthrough technology, this significantly improved service quality in the industry. Customers receive a lot of value in the form of lower prices and reorder, while businesses get access to a variety of tools.

The web application platform will host booking platforms for travelers and hotel inventory systems for hotels. Travelers will be able to search and book hotels. Hotels can update room inventory and prices directly or integrate with channel managers. Most hotels manage their inventory using the channel manager as a management point, therefore GOeureka will provide the necessary API (Application Programming Interface) for integration. GOeureka will also work directly with the main channel manager to automate the integration process for hotels.

Travelers will enjoy an automatic post-booking discount for their stay through the rebooking feature pending patents from GOeureka. GOeureka rebooking algorithm detects when hotel rates go down, and automatically re-booked existing orders (orders that meet the conditions that have not yet passed and are in a valid cancellation policy) at a lower rate. Travelers will be notified of their discounted stay times. When hotels choose to lower their rates on the GOeureka platform, they will receive a summary report about the affected orders and the total discounts given by the tariff deduction. This will allow the hotel to make informed decisions that are beneficial to themselves and their guests.

Hotels will have access to a service dashboard and content management system (CMS) that interact with the GOeureka mobile app. Hotels can register the services they provide and directly communicate with guests during their stay. Hotels can subscribe to the following services; Improvement, Concierge service, Live chat, Service room, and Event. Notification in the application will remind the hotel when guests need certain services. Hotels can update information and ongoing events around them, as well as their room service menu via CMS.


GOT Token is a digital token or virtual currency designed to facilitate transactions on the GOeureka platform for night room purchases, hotel services, and other internal processes and payments in the GOeureka infrastructure. GOT tokens are given to initial investors during the sale of ICO tokens and can be traded on the exchange in the future or spent on the platform. This company introduces discounts that range from 5% to 15% because it uses GOT tokens, so users will be given incentives to use them instead of other currency.

They will also be issued as a loyalty currency, ensuring that all users have at least a few GOT tokens to spend on the platform and are therefore more likely to switch to using them in the future. This platform has potential for a large number of transactions, although there may be some seasonal volatility. This means that GOT tokens are expected to rise in price significantly, after the customer base grows.


  • Ticker: GOT
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Token Type: ERC20
  • Accept Payment: ETH
  • Available for sale: 600,000,000 GOT (60%)
  • Pre-sale: 15 June 2018 - 15 July 2018
  • ICO: 16 July 2018 - 30 Nov 2018
  • Pre-sale Price : 1 GOT = 0.10 USD
  • ICO Price: 1 GOT = 0.10 USD
  • Soft cap: 4,000,000 USD
  • Hard cap: 60,000,000 USD


Author by: Meggie Diaz
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DatEat - The World First Dating Platform Integrated With Blockchain

DatEat - The World First Dating Platform Integrated With Blockchain

As we know, currently the crypto market is booming with high value of interest. On the other hand, dating is one of the stable growing online industries but the experiences of users still remain poor because of two main deficiencies in the platforms which are exist. The first, deficiency lies on the current game theoretic tactics, these are set of rules to that the users must obey or follow so that they can achieve success in dating. The second, deficiency lies in poor user-matching algorithms, and this results in low levels of success in finding and connecting with a potential partner.

This has further led to bad incentives leaving the game of dating with a severe attention imbalance and it has resulted in issues which include: hidden fee charges, misuse of personal data by the third party, fake accounts, poor messaging behaviors, and fake accounts. As time went on, a unique concept of combining the best of Dating and other entertaining industry to create a blockchain powered platform that would help people to find their perfect dates through great places with great appetites was created. DatEat is here to solve this problem.

DatEat is the world first social blockchain platform that integrated the power of Blockchain technology, cryptocurrency and AI engine to create an intelligence, transparent, secure and compatible environment for users around the world. DatEat will makes networking and connecting easier for young adults around the world, provides activities and services for groups and societies, experts and professionals can share their experiences and knowledge to help build stronger communities, and finally, people can find the right helps at the right time.

By integrating blockchain technology on platform, DatEat will provide a peer-to-peer authentic dating service to allow people to find and meet their perfect dates in high places. Also, in a line with blockchain distributed ledger technology, DatEat will employ a queuing system that includes the most novice of features builds to maximize user trust.

In order to support the ecosystem on platform, their will launch the utility token based on Etherum Blockchain that intregated with smart contract called DatEat Tokens (DTE). The DTE is a ERC-20 standart developed by DateEat which has total supply limited, there are only 500 million tokens. The DTE token will be used to access the ecosystem and used to pay services that underlies all business processes on the platform.

Merchants in the platforms can use DTE token to advertise their product and service to the DatEat user community. That also presents a utility value for the growing user-base. DTE function as a community token will see the digital currency in use as a reward item for members referring new users and merchants to spend on the DatEat ecosystem. In addition, the DTE token will help build interactivity among the users and help grow the platform traction as a dating service.

Ticker: DTE
Platform: Ethereum
Token Type: ERC-20
ICO Starts: 5 June 2018
ICO Ends: 25 September 2018
Tokens For Sale: 200,000,000 DTE
Base Price: 1 DTE = 0.06 USD
Bonus Purchase: 5% / 8% / 10%
Accept Payment: ETH
Softcap: 3,000,000 USD
Hardcap: 23,000,000 USD

The distribution of funds collected during the ICO is distributed among six expenditure groups. 40% will be allocated for the development of the platform, 30% of the PR and advertising of the project, 10% will be spent on the payment of the team work, as well as operating expenses, 5% each will separate the legal design of the project and the consultants' premium.

Roadmap is planned until the end of 2019. In November 2018, the project launches a semantic analysis of the text, and by December, based on user dialogues, developers will add a psychological profile to the user. The ambitious project has already been supported by the Financial Times, Forbes and Bloomberg.



Authors by Meggie Diaz