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ARToken by Cappasity - Develope Your Business Using 3D Content

Develope Your Business Using 3D Content
As we have knowing the development of technology in this era modern has grown rapidly. This has been proven by the presence of 3D content, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality in the world. These three technology are often used in making movies, games, paintings, and even used in marketing a product. According to International Data Corporation (IDC) analytics published earlier in August this year, the worldwide AR/VR revenue is expected to be $11.4 bn in 2017.

The IDC forecasts it will jump as high as $215 bn by 2021, achieving 113.2% CAGR along the way. Augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) promises to change the way we live, consume, interact with digital environments and each other. The AR/VR market is forecasted to become a multibillion dollar business in the next decade and to have sweeping demand. Nevertheless, the lack of compelling AR/VR/3D content, its labour intensive production and imperfect quality hinder the evolution of AR/VR industry and AR/VR mass adoption. If you are an online shop business owner, 3D content is the right choice to promote your product, because it will look more interesting, more detail, and more life.


3 Dimensions or commonly called 3D, is a form of an object that has a length, width, height and volume. This term is usually used in the arts, animation, computer and mathematics.

Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that can realize the existing objects in the virtual world into the real world, so that users can interact directly with virtual objects in the real world.

Virtual Reality (VR) is a technology that enables users to interact with a new virtual world simulated by a computer against a real object, thus making its users seem to be in the virtual world, in other words deleting the real world and replacing it with a new virtual world, to realize this you need a VR headset device, like Oculus Rift or Samsung Gear VR.


Cappasity is a decentralized platform that offers services in 3D content creation. In addition you can also earn revenue from the Cappasity platform by contributing to the platform as it performs Uploading unique 3D content, Verification and moderation of the content, Sale or rental of self-created 3D content. If you need 3D content to market the product, you can also buy or rent from the Cappasity platform using ARToken. Beside, the cappasity want provides a comprehensive solution to create content for virtual (VR) and augmented reality (AR). The platform features were designed to be open to other developers using Unity, Unreal Engine and Apple ARKit technology.

With intention of developing the international AR/VR/3D content Marketplace, it was decided to use digital currency as the main vehicle for Ecosystem goods exchange among the participants. Due to its ability to ignore the state borders, digital currency is perfect for C2C (consumer to consumer) economic interactions. Moreover, instead of adopting one of the existing cryptocurrencies such as BTC or ETH, Cappasity settled upon the creation of a native Ecosystem utility token - ARToken (ART).

ARToken is a cryptocurrency coin made using smart contract and Etherum blockcian technology or commonly called the Token ERC20. Basically ART was created to support the ecosystem on the Cappasity platform and will be used as a valid payment tools.


Develope Your Business Using 3D Content

Content submission system is designed to verify the uploaded content, in order to distribute the content among decentralized storage nodes and to make copyright records on the blockchain. The content that is going to be uploaded passes through a 2-step verification. The first step checks if the file is broken and if the file format coincides with its content. The second step applies computer vision methods to filter inappropriate content that may offend the community or infringe on copyrights. Each content file that passes through verification is uploaded to the Ecosystem’s decentralized storage and is assigned an ID or a hash value in order to facilitate the procedure of verifying the file’s integrity.

When the content is purchased on the Marketplace, a smart contract function appends a buyer’s address to the content buyer list. Each content file has a link that, when integrated in the development environment or a website, triggers a verification procedure. Its blockchain record is checked to determine if the user’s ID is included in the content buyer list. When the content is rented, the smart contract is activated to delete a user’s ID from the sold_to list when the rental period is over. The smart contracts have a get(id) function which forwards the link to one of the content sources recorded in the decentralized system, verifying that the file is available and unchanged. Technically, for each given content piece there is a queue of source databases and the top one of them is selected. When access to content is successfully provided, the source moves to the end of the queue to enable other sources to be paid for providing content.

The proposed decentralized storage is a Bittorrent-like system allows anyone to join the Ecosystem with their own server. The server administrator just needs to install the Cappasity storage software and register an account. The content submission system provides the content that is most requested in that region so the data server will not be idle. The server administrators will not know what content is stored on their servers but they will be paid with a share of the monthly Marketplace turnover. To reward storage service providers for content hosting we are creating the Storage Fund, which will be refilled with a share of every sale — 2% on average. The payment for each server will be based on disk space, Internet bandwidth connectivity, geolocation and stable access to the stored content.


Develope Your Business Using 3D Content


Start date: 27 September 2017
End date: 25 Oktober 2017
Token price: 34996 ART = 1 ETH
Token for sale: 7,000,000,000 ART
Minimum Buying: 0.1+ ETH
Accept payment: BTC/ ETH/ BCH/ LTC/ DASH
Hard cap: 175,000 ETH

*Unsold token will be burned


Website Cappasity:
Website Token Sale:
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