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Eidoo - Multicurrency Wallet And Hybrid Exchange In One Mobile Application

I am very excited to review this project, Eidoo is Multicurrency Wallet And Exchange With Many Feature Available In One Mobile Application. Currently we need new innovation for cryptocurrency, Eidoo already created a tool that is simple and easy to use for everyone, this application is the best solutions for store, manage, and trade crypto asset you have, besides that you can also participate in ICO campaign using Eidoo apps. Eidoo project is the first open, inclusive, global effort dedicated to creation of an effective "blockchain to human interface".
Eidoo - Multicurrency Wallet And Exchange In One Mobile Application
Eidoo has a very significant different with other wallet applications, this is proven from the many feature that are not supported by other wallet applications such as Automatic Wallet For Token ERC20, Hybrid Exchange, and ICO Engine for participated in ICO Campaign. The many feature offered by Eidoo will make user easier to use even a beginner though because all required service already available in one mobile application which you can download for free on google playstore and app store.


Eidoo Mobile Application For Manage Your Crypto Asset
The main problem of the blockchain-related is very difficult to be used by everyone include me this is why Eidoo want to make a user-friendly apps you can use everywhere you are. A mobile apps “decentralizes” the way you can manage your digital currency, and this will disrupt the blockchain usage similarly to as e-commerce is revolutionizing traditional shopping.

Secure Wallet For Store Your Crypto Asset
Not all wallet allowed user to have full control over your funds, such as electrum light wallet. Eidoo will give you this “power”, meaning that you can extract your private key through an external open source tool. This way you can use the 12 word you saved when you first used the app (backup phrase). Ethereum, Bitcoin and all the ERC20 token are stored with a single backup passphrase no full node required because Eidoo using light architecture. Private key managed by the user and encrypted on the device. Eidoo having high security level because already integrated with Eidoo’s Recovery Tool.

Hybrid Exchange
Eidoo will implement a hybrid exchange to convert Ethereum to Token ERC20 and vice versa, later Eidoo will develop a decentralized exchange for Bitcoin. It will be a hybrid exchange to overcome the common problems of the blockchain space related to scalability and security. Eidoo will trying to solve both the problem in the same application so that user can leverage the full potential of the financial product in the blockchain space as safe as a decentralized exchange with security strong guarante and stay safe.

ICO Engine Tools
Eidoo want to integrated all service in one mobile application where you can manage all crypto asset you have in any way you like, the apps will implement an ICO Engine to allowed user participated in token sale. ICO Engine is tools automatic system that can help you participated in ICO based on Ethereum Blockchain in Eidoo application, and it works through the creation of a smart contract previously authorized by user.


Eidoo platform will launch a major cryptocurrency called Token EDO. Token EDO is cryptocurrency made using smart contract and blockchain etherum technology or commonly called Token ERC20. Later Token EDO will be used as a means of payment on Eidoo platform, in addition Token EDO will also available in all crypto exchange for tradable in the world. The initial sale of Token EDO will be done using fundraising method (ICO), but in order to participate in ICO first you must install Eidoo Application Wallet on your smartphone, see image below to instal and run Eidoo Apps.


Download the Eidoo app from Google Play store
Download the Eidoo app from Apple App Store
1. Choose create new wallet
2. Click I agree go next
3. Setting your password for safety
4. Don't forget to back up your wallet
5. Unlock your wallet to save private key
6. Your wallet ready to use
7. To see wallet just click image crypto asset you have


Start Date: 04 October 2017
Ends Date: 16 October 2017
Token Price: 1 ETH = 130 EDO
Accept Currency: Etherum
To known how to participate in ICO just visit on scroll down you can see the tutorial about step by step to participate in ICO Eidoo, or you can read on Medium blog


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