Thursday, 8 February 2018

Debitum Network - Best Choice For Funding Your SME Business Ecosystem

Debitum Network - Best Choice For Funding Your SME Business Ecosystem

Debitum Network is a blockchain based solution to connect multiple party, performing different step of a lending process, including risk assessment, insurance and debt collection, in a single, transparent, trust based and easily accessible ecosystem. In short, Debitum Network is a comprehensive middleware with it's core running on Ethereum blockchain and a number of payment gateway which ready to incorporate counterparty who run other standard of distributed application. This platform also allows investor worldwide to invest in loan directly.

Debitum Network is designed to create access to funds for numerous underbanked small business in the world. Borrower and those who help them apply who work in the alternative finance space can connect in to the network for free and immediately begin facilitating cross border deal. Debitum Network will launched a functional MVP, which was developed based on actual financing requests from business. This MVP in essence is an alpha solution for a "secondary market" on Debitum Network.

The primary design goal of Debitum Network is to deliver the open system, which could not only communicate with ecosystem powered by blockchain but also that would be robust, easy to scale, and suitable for implementation for protocol needed for Debitum Network ecosystem. For security purpose, system infrastructure will have public, easy available for everyone, and private, controlled by system administrator, and subnet.

Debitum Network can create a truly decentralized platform by facilitating the creation of self-governing communities within each geography. Debitum also will create a hybrid model of crypto and fiat currency where in crypto will only be used for fee and other operational service, while actual loan disbursement will take place in fiat money. This model has been designed for the short and medium time frame until crypto achieve scalability.

Debitum Network - Best Choice For Funding Your SME Business Ecosystem

All action are processed through the Ethereum Blockchain, making Debitum Network a secure and incorruptible infrastructure. It’s made up of an Ethereum based family of smart contract, facilitated by one internal means of payment. Transactions run through Fiat currency, ensuring business can actually use the service easily in their locality, and from day one. Interlinked Ethereum smart contract will give possibility to distribute ownership of process flow managed by various community. Debitum Network smart contract standard will facilitate a settlement flow between the service provider community, investor, fiat facilitator, and borrower.

Debitum Network will launch a major cryptocurrency called DEB Token. This is cryptocurrency made using smart contract and blockchain etherum technology (ERC223). They will serve as a means for borrowers and lenders to use the system regardless of the currency in which they lend or borrow. DEB Token will also serve as a guarantee to ensure the delivery of the service by each participating party. Because limited supply of tokens issued and no further mining possible, DEB Token will becoming a sustainable cryptocurrency that will grow in value over time.


Debitum Network - Best Choice For Funding Your SME Business Ecosystem


Debitum Network - Best Choice For Funding Your SME Business Ecosystem


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