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SP8DE - Changing The Game Using Cardano Technology

SP8DE - Changing The Game Using Cardano Technology

SP8DE is a new generation blockchain gaming platform based on the Cardano (new-generation blockchain protocol developed by IOHK), which allows for the development and operation of distributed casino applications by eliminating completely all of the problems of traditional and online gambling environments. Sp8de provenly trumps all other blockchain casino projects as it allows players to bet as small amount of bet as they want, to know the result of their bet the very moment of the conclusion of the game, and all this, while being confident that neither the casino nor other players can manipulate in any way the outcome of the dice roll.

Ouroboros (fundamental building block of SP8DE) can solves the problem at the current casino by embracing two well-known protocols from the field of distributed consensus coin-tossing application of commitment schemes and verifiable secret sharing. Blending these two together produces a miracle it creates a protocol for creating unbiased public randomness in a distributed adversarial setting with guaranteed output delivery.

Cardano is scalable, secure, and complex yet elegant. The major takeaway is that designing a successful POS protocol requires solving the same problems that constrain the creation of provably fair on-chain casinos. With Cardano as a backbone, SP8DE is set to become the best of its kind.all the results we rely on are proven with academic rigor and can be accessed by anyone on the ever-growing library of academic papers maintained by the IOHK foundation.

SP8DE aim is to disrupt the multi-billion-dollar gambling industry for the first time since the creation of the Internet. The online i-gaming is the industry with no future centralized and obscure, the online casinos currently in existence can only offer ridiculous house edges, uncertainty in processing the payments, inward and otherwise, and the need to rely on the randomness generated elsewhere. In layman terms, you can’t be sure that the game design is fair, that the randomness used to generate game outcomes is unbiased and that you will get you money back if you win.

SP8DE will describe a protocol for decentralized blockchain platform for developing casino applications with multiple unique features whose solid implementation is lacking in any of the currently existing projects in this space. The concept of decentralized consensus that lies at the heart of blockchain is based on the smart application of cryptography and game-theory. Combined, they create the economics of trust and hold immense potential for revolutionizing many classic industries. This backbone of blockchain technology renders it an obvious candidate to consider in developing online gambling applications as, arguably, trust considerations and the need for transparency are and always used to be two major cornerstones of the gambling industry.

SP8DE platform will launch a major cryptocurrency called SPX Token. This is cryptocurrency made using smart contract and blockchain etherum technology (ERC20). Later PSX Token will be used as a means of internal payment on platform, in addition SPX Token will also available in all crypto exchange for tradable in the world. The initial sale of SPX Token will be done using fundraising method (ICO).

SP8DE will implemented within a protocol created and maintained by the scientists at IOHK, the pioneers in the realm of blockchain innovation and cryptography development, has its aim to revolutionize the ever-growing gaming industry as we know it today. All the gambling applications on the SP8DE blockchain represent complex Smart Contracts that use SPX Token as their native currency. The outcomes of all the games on the SP8DE blockchain are conditioned upon the realizations of the coin tossing procedure that drives the Ouroboros protocol. The entire SP8DE ecosystem will flourish around these injections of entropy.


SP8DE - Changing The Game Using Cardano Technology


SP8DE - Changing The Game Using Cardano Technology


SP8DE - Changing The Game Using Cardano Technology


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