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NTOK - Peer to Peer Online Education Platform

NTOK - Peer to Peer Online Education Platform

Today, education is outdated in connection with rapid development of technologies, it occupies a tiny part from all branches of the Internet. While we are currently seeing the penetration of crypto into economic markets such as social media, trade etc. Many experts are also predicting the rise of blockchain in relation to education, and how it can be used for imparting scholastic information all throughout the globe in an easy and transparent fashion.

NTOK is a Peer to peer online education platform that aimed to allowing tutors and students interact via an online platform based on a blockchain using either video or audio to complete the lesson. In addition, there are virtual white boards and other tools that are used to enhance the educational experience. The mission of NTOK is to facilitate training, in particular, in foreign languages, by means of the platform of peer technologies uniting teachers and students on the Internet. In its very essence, NTOK aims to serve as a “Peer to peer online education platform” that allows for educational material to become accessible to a large number of people (irrespective of their economic status).

NTOK is going to operate along the lines of an educational marketplace where tutors with various specialities are able to tout their experience and knowledge to potential students. The student is going to be able to choose their tutor from viewing the range of tutors on the database. This database is on the blockchain which is also decentralized. Their overall platform is built on Ethereum and this obviously leads to the educational platform being secure and stable but it also allows for growth and considering the size of the education industry.

The way in which they use the Blockchain is almost entirely focused on the review section. The reason for that is because of the anti-fraud measures and the fact that the information that appears on the blockchain cannot be altered. Considering you are using the platform to learn then having access to so many tutors that you can verify and check up on thanks to their reviews is going to be key. This alone provides you with a sense of being able to trust, so it makes sense that this can help the platform to expand as students learn that they will be able to receive adequate tutoring and at a price that they know in advance.


  • P2P Learning Platform
This is a ‘first of its kind’ attempt to create an online platform that helps eliminate “geographical borders between tutors and students” via the use of latest technological advancements such as: High Quality Video and Superb Audio. In addition to this, the NTOK platform also comes loaded with additional peripheral features such as “whiteboards, lesson scheduling, payments and interactive learning methods”. Basically, the aim is to create a virtual classroom that uses the foundational structure of a P2P network.

  • Advanced Rating System
Many people must have noticed that the rating systems used by various retailers and other websites have weaknesses, that expose them to the dangers of fake reviews. However, since NTOK is created on the blockchain, it is immune to any issues of false customer submissions etc.

  • No 3rd Party Interference
As a result of its design, this educational platform completely eliminates the need for any “intermediaries between the tutors and students” (thereby, significantly reducing overall costs that are incurred by the pupil).


NTOK is a rather interesting idea for a cryptocurrency, and it is something that does have a lot of potential because of the way in which the education industry is growing on what feels like a daily basis. By eliminating the middleman, it makes the entire process so much smoother than before and will also open up a database to more individuals that could indeed be the perfect tutor.

The digital currency "NTOK Token" has the ability to evolve into other areas of tutoring that goes beyond foreign languages. As it expands, the token is going to prove to become more valuable, so from an investment perspective it stands to reason that you will find the price increasing allowing you to make a profit from the token launch.


According to information gathered from the company's website, 3% of all released tokens will be put into a Bounty, whereas 7% will be used to replenish NTOK platform reserves. However, the major chunk (70%) will be released to the public, and 20% will be made available to the management and advisory team. Additionally, there us a cap on that of $15m that has been set. The sale will start on the December 05, 2017, and finish on the April 15, 2018.


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