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CINDX - Fund Management Platform For Crypto Community

CINDX - Fund Management Platform For Crypto Community

According to data sources from the internet, there are more attention is paid to cryptocurrency investments and the investment market. In 2017, the agiotage around the price of bitcoin has drawn the attention of the world community to the world of cryptocurrency. It quickly became clear that this industry was going to change the world. Although any person involved in the cryptosphere can tell you regarding investment opportunities, however very difficult to find the right kind of guidance. Because there are million different sources about this subject, and there are even more "advisers".

Moreover, It’s very difficult to know who is trustworthy and who is not. Not many people really understand what the investment process even is to begin with. At the same time, to ignore this market because of the high learning curve required to enter it, is the wrong decision. However, investment is a dynamic, mobile process. If you have decided to plunge into it, searching for a suitable mentor shouldn’t take too much time, because time is money and each minute lost is unearned capital.

But you don't have to worry about all these problems anymore, because now there is one new project revolutionizing the modern cryptocurrency market. CINDX is an investment platform that allows individuals to combine several crypto exchange accounts into one trading terminal, and gives them the option to directly connected to the best crypto asset managers without having to lose control over their funds.

By implementation of blockchain-based transactions will allow each crypto asset manager’s trading history to be saved, and a rating system will be used to differentiate the most successful crypto asset managers from the less successful ones. There will be also a social network on the platform "CINDX Talk". Eventually, the community will get the opportunities to communicate and publish their own materials. Indirectly, it will opens possibilities of competent and favorable investment for any person who is ready to begin investment activity, as well as for traders and vendors.


Investors are provided with a realistic assessment of the effectiveness of each trader working within the platform. This approach allows you to select an unwanted expert who will manage the property. Investors provide an opportunity to work with their cumulative credentials. Traders use their years of experience to make profitable deals.

For traders, this cooperation really benefits, their fees depend directly on their own skills and activities. By multiplying the amount of the investor, the trader can receive a solid reward. There is a distinct segment of the seller of creative tools to work with crypt. This is very useful for traders, because they have a great opportunity to work precisely with their clients’ assets using new developments for this.


To support the ecosystem on platform, their will launch the utility token based on Etherum Blockchain that intregated with smart contract called CINX Tokens. CINX is a ERC20 Token developed by Cindx, which will be used to access the ecosystem and used to pay services on Cindx platform. Moreover, CINX tokens will also allow users to receive rewards with freezing their tokens in smart contracts. By the increasing in the number of active users in the ecosystem affects revenue and creates more attractive conditions for token holders.


  • Pre-ICO Date: 26-08-2018 - 07-10-2018
  • ICO Date: 08-10-2018 - 18-11-2018
  • Pre-ICO Bonus: 20%-25%
  • ICO Bonus: 0%-17%
  • Token Price: 1 CINX = 1 USD
  • Accept Payment: ETH, BTC, LTC, BCH, Fiat
  • Minimum Investment: 50 USD
  • Soft Cap: 3,800,000 USD
  • Hard Cap: 21,000,000 USD


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