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Pool of Stake - Safe Pool For Proof of Stake Coin

Pool of Stake - Safe Pool For Proof of Stake Coin

When the crypto market hit the internet, mining and investing on the crypto-coin was a little easier, for the investors who really understood what this investment opportunity had to offer the future. At the very beginning, all you required to mine the coins was just an application and a computer, and you were all set to start on your investment journey. As people are getting interested in the vibrant market, the market started developing various hardware’s.

It started to make it much harder for the new investors joining the community of mining coins. As a result, as the new community does not want to be left behind, it instigated this community to form their own mining pools, making it clear no individual wants to be left behind of the new trend that has been buzzing on the internet.

With the creation of this mining pool, it allows the various members to gain back the edge and an excellent opportunity for them to also start mining. And this is where this new platform Pool for Proof of Stake comes in. The company clearly seems like it will be the future of this mining industry, as they have created a pool for the members of this community to ensure their mining experience has been made much more comfortable, a platform you should definitely be a part of.


Proof of Stake has been considered to be state of the art in the development of consensus algorithms for the first generation blockchains. It is the new kid on the block, one you should be a part of. So you might be wondering what could be the benefit when you take part in the Pool of Stake?

The Pool of Stake offers you several benefits, the first one being the security system that is out of this world, the scale of economy, the amount of saving you will do in electricity, the Al support that will ensure you get the best investment opportunity. The benefits the pool can offer you are unlimited. You will also enjoy the best rates in withdrawal fees that you can get in the market.

The system has been designed with a proportional split that is between 0% to about 10%; this has been based on the held PSK Token that you have in your personal wallet. The Pool of Stake (PSK) system will do the amount analysis of the number of tokens every night to ensure you enjoy the best rates. Not only will you enjoy the best withdrawal rates but you are also able to buy the PSK in two ways, either through the listed exchanges or the ICO.

Did we forget to mention the rewards you can get from this promising platform? Every evening through the snapshots of tokens that is on the node and via the split generates a reward, based on the activities that have taken place throughout the day. Also, something you will need to note is that the PSK is the company’s service token utilized to ensure they lower the costs associated with the transitions. The company has ensured they have put in places the needed systems to ensure your transactions on the platform are the cheapest you can find in the market.


  • Ticker: PSK
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Token Type: ERC20
  • Pre-ICO Time: 18 June 2018 - 20 July 2018
  • ICO Time: 20 July 2018 - 30 September 2018
  • Available For Sale: 53,245,907 PSK (76.1%)
  • Bonus Purchase: Up to 35%
  • Pre-sale Price : 1 PSK = 0.22 EUR
  • ICO Price: 1 PSK = 0.30 EUR
  • Accept Payment: ETH
  • Soft Cap: 2,000,000 EUR
  • Hard Cap: 8,000,000 EUR


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